Wooden Craft Paper

  • Enjoy inspired craft time with heart tree's Wooden Craft Paper. Smooth in grain and scented with the organic perfume of cedar, these fine sheets of wood can be cut or folded just like paper. Create unique greeting cards, origami swans, Christmas decorations and more, and add a touch of the forest to your child's play. Stimulate their creativity and teach them the value of nature and preserving our planet.

    Made from forestry remnants, heart tree's Wooden Craft Paper is both innovative and earth-friendly. heart tree promotes sustainable practices through the use of end-materials and thinner timber materials.

    Wooden Craft Paper is made from timber from the cedar and cypress forests in Yosino, Japan, renown for its fine colour and superior quality.

    Made in Japan.

  • - Size: 145 x 145 mm 5 sheets

    - Material: Japanese cedar wood

    - Made in Japan

    Vendor: Heart Tree

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