Petite Picasso Mounted Wall Art

Struggling to store the many masterpieces your petite artist creates? Select their pièce de résistance and immortalise it as one-of-a-kind mounted wall art.

Fashioned from fine quality wood, the Petite Picasso Mounted Wall Art showcases clean lines and minimalist style. Select from three sizes to suit your space.

Put your little person in the designer’s seat and create chic personalised décor. Capture their creative genius for the years to come. Works for grown-up designers too!

The perfect gift for teachers, loved ones, and overseas friends. Lightweight for easy postage.

Note: Simple thick line artwork achieves the best results. (Set them to work with a Sharpie fine marker.)

Also available: the Petite Picasso Designer Clock, Keyring and Fridge Magnet.


M: 8x10 inch (approx 20x25 cm)
L: 10x12 inch (approx 25x30 cm)
XL: 12x16 inch (approx 30x40 cm)

How to order
1. Select your preferred size
2. Optional: Add a personal message on the back
3. Select the placement of your Petite Picasso’s signature and advise us on note
4. Complete transaction

Preparing and mounting your artwork
1. Take a photo of your artwork lying flat using a smart phone or digital camera
2. Email it to with your order number
3. We will send you the final design for approval before we create your piece
4. Mount your wall art with 3M Velcro, included for easy installation and removal (no holes in the wall)

Vendor: bRainbow

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