Sumo Play Set

  • Get involved in the traditional Japanese sport of sumo with this DIY kit of pop-out sumo characters. Set the scene for epic battles of the flesh starring a motley crew of wrestlers.

    Each pack contains 39 ready-illustrated wrestlers, a stage and all the bits and pieces to make some of your own elite athletes. Choose their hair, dress, facial features and more and style your very own champion.  

    Fight it out for fame and glory on the stage with a host of singular characters, from crafty crustaceans to cats, rabbits, super-huge men and even a ram.

    This simple and traditional play set is bound to give your children hours of fun.

  • - Size: H183 x W183 x D55 mm
    Paper doll 20 Sheets, Sticker 2 sheets

    - Material: Paper

    - Made in Japan

    Vendor: COCHAE

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