Ori Cat Origami Postcard Set

  • A gorgeous collection of feline creatures, the Ori Cat Origami Postcard Set features 24 different origami cat designs in postcard size. Follow the instructions and fold these quirky moggies into existence.

    Treat your pen pals and friends to the cutest origami cards. From Maine Coon to the Norwegian Forest Cat, Singapura, and the Russian Blue, there are so many new feline friends to make. Each one has a unique personality.

    Send a card that will be remembered or add a clowder of origami cats as a quirky decor accent in your home. This simple gift can be sent overseas with ease.

    Made in Japan.

  • - Size: H134 x W220 mm 46 Pages

    - Material: Paper

    - Made in Japan

    Vendor: COCHAE

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