FUTO Mini Carry Case

  • Carry your smart phone, digital camera, even your cigarettes in FUTO Mini Carry Case. Featuring a unique weathered look, this stylish envelope evokes an old world charm. Handcrafted by artisans in downtown Tokyo, its beauty deepens with age, through its unique pattern of usage.

    The FUTO Mini Carry Case is made from fine quality canvas dyed with natural tannins from plant materials and softened through an extensive washing process. This creates an emotive, wrinkled look suggestive of the passage of years. It induces a sense of familiarity that is touching.

    Designed to slide easily into your handbag or bag, the FUTO Mini Carry Case helps keeps your personal items in order, in easy reach and protected from wear and tear. The size is adjustable for added versatility. Select between a choice of muted beige or brown.

    Handmade in Japan.

  • - Size: H110-150 x W95 mm

    • Material: Canvas, Leather, Cotton

    Handmade in Japan

Vendor: yuruliku

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