Kamibukuro Bag - Geometric

  • Functional design, that’s what Mycupptea always look for and Hanelca nailed it! It combines traditional Japanese design with modern twist and will add styles to your daily life.

    This is inspired by paper bag from delicatessen shops in France! “kamibukuro” means paper bag in Japanese.The bag has a flexible seat at the bottom so you can carry delicate, fragile objects like cameras or cosmetics. Kaminukuro has a lot of potential to be camera case, lunch bag and much more to suit your needs.

    This well thought tote bag is designed by Aya Kawaura, the designer who really think about quality and useability. All process are done by hand.

    The Canvas is made in a factory which has over 130 years history in Kurashiki, Japan. The patterns are hand-printed in a traditional dyeing factory in Kyoto established in 1913 with extra care and love.

  • - Size: H340 x W225 x D100 mm

    - Material: Canvas

    - Made in Japan

    Vendor: Hanelca

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