Cleavage Diving Necklace - High Diver

  • Add a little cheek to your style with the Cleavage Diver series of pendants featuring miniature adventurers prepped to take the plunge into your cleavage!

    These everyday heroes are taking one for the team and putting their bodies on the line to explore new terrain! Select from the High Diver, Sky Diver, Salary Man Diver and the Scuba Diver. Adorably naughty but nice.

    Driven to create playful objet d'arts, award-winning Japanese designer Fukusawa Takayuki sure knows how to draw a smile. He established his studio in 2012 with the intent to inject humour into design and uplift the spirit. His designs verge on the ridiculous and challenge the status quo. Life is not to be taken seriously!

    Exclusively available at Mycuppatea in Australia.


  • - Size: TBA

    - Material: PVC


    Vendor: ekoD Works

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