Choco Fridge Magnet

  • It looks good enough to eat - but don't be fooled! The Choco Fridge Magnet is bittersweet. That's right! It has a bitter to taste to discourage little fingers from placing it in their mouths.

    This designer magnet comes ready to be broken into four pieces. Once it's broken, it won't go back together - you have four small magnets instead of one large one.

    Pin your bills and messages on your fridge, your takeaway menus and your photos. Crafted from resin, the Choco Fridge Magnet promises to be calorie-free.

    It's a petite gift packed full of surprise. Perfect for lovers of chocolate who are trying to resist its siren call. Choose from your favourite dark, milk or white chocolate colours.

  • - Size: H34 x W44 x D13 mm

    - Material: Resin, Magnet


    Vendor: Cement Design

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