About Us

is an online boutique with a penchant for the handmade, the quirky and the inspired. From earth-friendly to tech-savvy with a focus on functional design, our products promise to enhance your life.

Our curated collection gives you the joy of discovery without the expense of time. Instilled with story, unique beauty or that rare element of surprise, our range of homewares and wearable art, accessories, toys and gadgetry is nuanced to appeal to your taste.

We search for and research our collection so you don’t need to compromise. Whether it’s a present for a loved one or something special for yourself, you can feel confident our products will live up to their promise.

Mycuppatea is a world of possibility. Find your new favourite things.

Who is the team behind Mycuppatea?

Mycuppatea comes from the duo who founded bRainbow, the handcrafted brand of cute and quirky design products. Just like their brands, they are just a little left of centre.

Orrr has extensive experience within the advertising industry. He’s the man in charge of finding your new favourite things. Energetic and curious, he looks after all things creative at Mycuppatea. He has a keen eye and a passion for exploration. Travelling, flea markets and vintage toys inspire him, as well as cycling (or simply searching out good looking bicycles), and other quirky stuff.

Akiko is the other half of Mycuppatea. She’s the brains of the operation, looking after marketing, accounts, shipping and more. A journalist for a financial newspaper until she became a mum of two, she’s a talented taskmaster with a love of travel, good books, and fine food. She counts a good cup of coffee in the morning as one of life’s necessities.