Fun Pun Clock - M

  • This back-to-basics clock makes a big statement in virtually any space, merging fine Japanese design with a chic-retro feel. While it offers decorative appeal, the Fun Pun Clock has been designed for another purpose: to teach kids how to tell time.

    The Fun Pun Clock was designed by Yoko Dobashi, a mom, in conjunction with Misa Sakurai, a senior researcher with the Japan Montessori Research Institute. Together, the two wanted to create a clock that parents and teachers could use to teach children to tell the time. The end design integrates Montessori educational theory and step counting along with a strategic construction to make it fun and easy for parents and teachers to work with children when it comes to tackling the task of teaching time-telling.

    Strategic red coloring shows children where they should focus when telling the time and they can hear the “tick tock” sound and count along with it. A feature that many clocks of today are missing. This gives them a deeper sense of the time afforded in a minute and gives them an opportunity to count to 60 with their parents or teachers.

    The design inspires children to ask questions, giving adults the opportunity to guide them to the next step of telling time. The simple and ornate design seamlessly fits into any home, office, or school decor.  

    Finely crafted from Plywood. This is a beautiful clock made from quality mateials by skilled craftman with attention.

    Designed by Yoko Dobashi. Made in Japan.

  • - Size: Diameter 305 x D48 mm

    - Material: Plywood, glass

    - Made in Japan

    Vendor: Lemnos

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