Enjoy rainy days with Komorebi Umbrella

Posted on August 27, 2014 by Akiko Ikeda

Rain, rain, rain!!! Is spring really coming to Sydney in 5 days??

I like nice sunny day and wearing new sunglasses. But our daughters and a dog LOVE going outside with umbrealla, rain boots and rain coats when it's rain like these days in Sydney. They made me realise that we still can have a fun in rainy days and found a perfect umbrella for myself!

"Komorebi" means sunlight filtering through the tree leaves in Japanese. You can feel "komoreabi" anytime with this umbrella."Bringing green to where no nature is" was a concept behind this product according to the designer. This is of course a umbrealla for rain but also can be used as a sunshade.

This is Mycuppatea's wish list now!


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