Intoroducing Chiisana Tokei

Posted on August 20, 2014 by Akiko Ikeda

Introducing latest addition to Mycuppatea, Chiisana tokei (meaning small wall clock in Japanese) today!

Small in size but large in personality, the Chiisana Tokei offers additional design details on its face as well as its fonts and signatures.

The clock was originally launched in 1970 and it marked the shift towards a more functional aesthetic, replacing the large, decorative wall clocks that had gone before. When Lemnos resurrected this discontinued masterpiece, it retained the size, letters and hands of the original design.

Lemnos's attention to details is amazing. You can see every single piece such as fonts, signature, colours, functions and everything! is made with love and care. We love this beautiful piece of art and wish to deliver it to new lovely home!

Chiisana tokei was designed by Riki Watanabe and made in Japan. He was born in Tokyo, 1977. He's winner of many design awards including the Architect Prize of New Production Association and the Gold Medal of Milano Triennale.

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